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It's the little things...


As a successful business owner, you will know that it is the little touches that make all the difference. The small changes which can help you to retain your existing clients or to help you gain new ones. If you have a business with a reception area or waiting room, you have the opportunity to make an impact on your clients the moment they step through the door.

Take a look at your reception area. Try and see it anew, walk though the doors and see how it makes you feel. Is it welcoming? Is it smart? Does it seem like a nice place to wait? All these questions will help you to see what your clients see when they walk through your doors.

Having bouquets of flowers in your reception area and waiting rooms is an economical and ecological way to improve the appearance of your public areas without being expensive, time-consuming or wasteful. They’ll smell great, too! We offer a regular weekly flower service to local businesses near you. Simply place a recurring order, and we will take care of the rest. Beautiful flowers every week without you having to lift a finger.

Our flowers are sustainably sourced, and we order carefully to minimise wastage. All our bouquets are packaged in eco-friendly materials such brown paper and raffia string, rather than plastic based papers and ribbons. If you require longer lasting potted plants either as well as your weekly bouquet or instead of a bouquet, we have a good range of plants as an alternative, perfect for a variety of environments and uses. If you are looking for a suitable gift for a colleague you can simply choose a potted plant to add to your weekly flower order, saving you both time and money.

Rather than investing in expensive art, or uncomfortable modern furniture for your waiting areas, why not choose flowers? Flowers will bring a smile to your clients’ faces and brighten up your waiting areas. We have an extensive range of bouquets suitable for all budgets and can also provide bouquets for any corporate events that your business may be organising.

Contact us today with your requirements for your reception areas and waiting rooms. We are more than happy to spend time with you to help you choose the perfect package to suit your business. If you would like to see what we can offer pop into our shop at 122 Worcester Road, Malvern Link, Malvern, WR14 1SS or give us a call on 01684 577 108.