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Natural flowers for a natural burial


Natural or eco-friendly burials are becoming increasingly popular. They are often chosen by people who love nature and who have tried to live an environmentally friendly life. Natural burials are designed with all-natural materials, such as willow or wool coffins, and the burial sites are often in woodland areas. The burial sites are often planted with native species of wildflowers and trees and limit artifice such as gravestones, bench and artificial flowers.

If you wish to take flowers to a natural burial, you must check on the rules of the natural burial site. All sites will request plastic-free flowers, so a traditionally packaged bouquet will not be allowed. At Petals we ensure that all our bouquets are packaged in biodegradable materials, such as brown paper with raffia ribbon. Wreathes to be placed upon the coffin can also be made using natural materials so that they are in keeping with the ethos of the service.

If you are organising a natural burial, please consider that some of the people attending may not understand the importance of sourcing natural flowers. It may be worth giving others the details of an eco-friendly florist, so that you are making sure that the people coming to your natural burial are following the principles and values that are inherent in a natural burial.

Funerals are sad, and natural burials are no exception. However, knowing that you are giving a loved one a send-off that is in line with the principles by which they lived their life, can help to alleviate some of the grief of the occasion. While discussing funerals with your family can be tricky, it is important to know what they would like, and how they would like their life to be celebrated. Some people leave their wishes in their will, but it is useful to know beforehand. If you are interested in natural burials, you can find a list of sites here.

If you are organising or attending a natural burial and would like flowers and wreathes suitable for the occasion that follow the ethos of the natural burial site, please contact us. With a full range of eco-friendly packaging, and flowers that are fitting for such an environment, we will help you to choose the right flowers for the day. If you would like to see what we can offer pop into our shop at 122 Worcester Road, Malvern Link, Malvern, WR14 1SS or give us a call on 01684 577 108.